Just a video of us Making Marzipan, YUUUUM. Enjoy


The Gift of Color.

Just working around the studio, they are for sale, but let the music sooth you. Canon in D is a beautiful tune. <3 enjoy my friends.

Bartholomew Cubbins

Who is he? If the name sounds familiar it is, in reality he is a Dr. Seuss character, but not the one we're talking about today. He's actually the writer and director of the newest 30 Seconds to Mars video Hurricane, which has just been banned from MTV. (but we'll get to that later.) I wanted to see who he was and apparently it is an alias for none other than Jared Leto himself. Yes boys and girls, the lovable junkie from Requiem for A Dream, and that bastard suit in American Psycho, is actually an aspiring artist. Pushing the envelope for home comforts and bedroom taboos. Back to MTV's claims of something being "unfit for tv". According to the company they are banning it because of a scene where "a woman slides her hand over the crotch of another woman's leather panties." If you watch it you can find out for yourself why it should have been banned, considering that the scene is about 9 minutes into the short film (which is 13 minutes long). Yes MTV, why don't you teach us about what ok when all I see from you is "big booty bitches" oiled up all over cars having money fly at them, or strangers dating each other and undermining the fellow contestants to win the heart, hand, and bank account of the spouse that will be divorced in 6 months so they can still cash out on their prenups. Or maybe the bar hopping womanizing men, who flex their muscles while applying some umptenth coat of hair wax, and listening to their gal pals who have more credit then sense totally embarrassing the rest of us. Please indulge us with your corporate bearing wisdom.

Watch the video and tell me, is this really the worst thing you've ever seen on MTV?



(Page one of the new illustrated series By Art Is A State)

Merry Marzipan, to you

My Partner in crime has made a trip south to partake in an adorable and delightful Norwegian tradition with her family, known as Marzipan making. Now, the dictionary states, "Marzipan is a confection consisting primarily of sugar and almond meal. Some marzipan is flavored with rosewater. Persipan is a similar, yet less expensive product, for which the almonds are replaced by apricot or peach kernels.". Of course I know and love it as the edible molding clay. People tend to make beautiful fruits and vegetables (traditionally that it is) with their marzipan, and often dip it into chocolate. It's even rolled thin and used for icing on cakes.

A little history on the treat, "The art of combining ground almonds and sugar into a paste is over 1000 years old and originated in the Orient. It is believed to have been brought to Europe by Arabs through Spain. There, it grew quickly in popularity as a dessert, but only for royalty and the wealthy because of the extremely high price for sugar. It wasn't until the beginning of the 19th century that sugar prices came down and marzipan became a dessert more people could afford.

Marzipan was also used for medicinal purposes well into the 18th century. It was used both as a way to make bitter pills more palatable, as well as medicine for specific illnesses. It was known as "energy bread," "heart sugar," and "marzipan for the sick."

Commercial production of marzipan in Germany dates back to 1806 in the city of Lübeck. The Niederegger Bakery began the tradition here and many other bakeries soon followed to make Lübeck the "Marzipan Capital." Today, Lübeck marzipan is known worldwide for its excellence and consistent quality."

Marzipan is not unique to Germany. It is made in the United States, Austria, Italy (Marzapane), Spain (Mazapan), Denmark (Marcipan), Portugal (Maçapão), Latin America (Mazapán), the Middle-East (Lozina), and many other counties.
We like it made in Norway ;).

Though through my browsing on the world wide web, I found some amazing pieces I felt I should share with you, so you can get as excited about marzipan as we are. It's a whole new medium for me, though I haven't gotten to make it yet, I hope to play soon.

Happy baking,

(if you click the title it will bring you to wikipedia, where you can learn more.)


A Scanner Darkly: A Story for Our Time.

Just watched a Scanner Darkly, and am in hot pursuit of the literature in which it was based on. I found a free adobe version via google, downloaded it and started reading this morning.
Written in 1977 by Phillip K Dick, set in the near future of 1994 Orange County. Where we are under constant surveillance, and 20% of the population is hooked on Substance D. A mind altering tablet that is extremely addictive, and obviously illegal. An undercover narcotics agent battles the drug in his personal life as well as his professional one. The two constantly merging as his grasp on reality consistency worsens.
Granted I'm not a critic, or literary expert by any means. But I did find a personal connection to the story line as well as some of the characters. It was compelling, engaging, and very complex. I suggest as many of you read this as possible, though it was set in what to us is the past, it is very prophetic in nature and appeals to us all in this day of prescription drugs, immunizations, and recession through governmental control.

link enclosed to the download-able book.


A lesson in Compassion, Understanding, and LOVE

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I am a Christian, (not the best but I still I am) and the one thing my parents taught me above all else was Love Others. The definition of Christian means "Christ Like" there are so few out there that remember who Jesus chose as friends or to minister to; tax men, whores, fishermen, gamblers, lepers, criminals, need I go on? He loved them, all of them. It puts us to shame not only as a religion, a group, a people, but also as human beings that we must mock the dead in order to make a mute point. Yes we are aware that we are viewed as sinners, but I see more love and compassion come from most of the sinners I know than the big hot aired men in congress' news.
So Mr Mike Adams, I'm sorry that at your age and in your place in life you feel you need to publish junk like this to be heard, it did get my attention. I just wanted to let you and everyone else out there know, that I love you, GOD loves you, and he loves me and my partner. When that day of judgment comes, you too will stand before him to answer for you self.
Peace brother,



There is a moment when you realize how to fix a problem (in my case technical issues) and it's just so sweet you have no words.

What about you guys?? Post your memorable or just simple revelations.


A Call For AID

I HAVE A DESPERATE CALLING TO YOU OUT THERE! Feeling a bit mute, and having creative block migraines, please start filling my page with ... ANYTHING, bitching moaning, philosophy, Anything goes right now.

I just got a new scanner and will post all the new work that comes from your posts. Please put me to work, I need a distraction and an awakening.


The moment of truth... We hold these self truths to be well a little shitty.

There is a moment in your life when you realize you are just full of shit... I need a shovel and a walk. . . My pen and sketch book will do just fine.
(Who wants to give me a topic to unearth and plant on a page.)


Fly BY

Starting the Animation process today, keep an eye out for the new posts. You may recognize some of the stories. Enjoy your day everyone, It's beautiful out go for a walk, hug a tree, sing with a stream, just be out. I'm going to go paint in the garden
<3 Always Peace


Silver screen? Or maybe Pewter.

So last night with in all the swimming thoughts in my head, I heard a beat. Shallow and quiet at first, then it grew. As I listened harder into my pillow I heard words. Turn the bass up let the beat drop, these were on a repeat, my mind filled in the rest with statements. Of my freedom to listen to what I will, looping around each other over and over. As the song subsided I kept seeing a title flash on a stack of paper, a screen play? Where as the title will be concealed for the time being I can tell you I have added a new project to my schedule. Time to get to work.


B and E, What is Nada Dada to you?

This is the first of many interviews to come in the future. Our good friend Brain Bird, Videographer extraordinaire, stopped by camera ready to ask us some questions. Just a little insight of how we felt as showing artists in Nada Dada. It's mostly me, but there was one mic that he laid on my collar, you can see the artist hard at her work. Leave your thoughts, whats on your minds??


(click the title to watch the interview and add us on youtube if you haven't already ALWAYS PEACE)



One of my number one pet peeves, no a way you can just cut me deep. Ignore me when I'm right there. I feel so fucking useless nowadays anyway. I guess I'll go paint, what about you guys? What pisses you off?

by the way, if any one has info on a copyright for business names and license information I would appreciate it.


Where were they going without ever knowing the way?

This is a topic, I usually don't do this, but I think maybe it'll get the ball rolling?

ok, TRIPS.
any kind, drugs, vehicular, mental, spiritual, metaphorical?
ANYTHING, talk guys, I implore you.

Always PEACE





This is a call to arms. Acrylics, watercolors, video, stills, performers, and dealers, Markers, and sprayers. How ever you extend your appendages in the external world around you. Start up a conversation, revolution, even a fucking joke. Just take up room on this web page. ANYTHING, pictures, comments, concerns, proposals. I'll be posting animated pieces from my favorites from here on out. As well as play by plays of our future website that WILL be a favorite bookmark on your computer.

SO. ready. SET.... ..... .... go type, be free.

Nada Dada 2010: Our Year

"Emily Vaughan and Becca Johnston from Redding, Calif., finish up their artwork Friday in preparation for their "Art Vert" motel gallery as part of NadaDada at the Town House Motor Lodge in downtown Reno." VINCE ALONZO/RGJ

(also watch our interview with Brian bird in the link of the title)

So, as many of you may, or may not, know every year in the 3rd weekend of June for the last 3 or 4 years Reno flexes it's Acrylics, metals, neon's, markers and any other artistic appendage we can think of. And this year being my second year I decided to ask my better half to do a show with me. The feedback the public gave us was immeasurably amazing, monumental even. We had people who have never desired art a day in their life tell us this made them want to go home and Paint, Build, deconstruct, reconstruct, or just hang anything. This was an easy task to desire considering our theme was ART VERT "Green Art", meaning all the materials were found. Lots of cardboard, wine bottles, even canvas wallpaper. We had a blast and are so pumped that we came home immediately planning new pieces. Any ways here is an article we were in, enjoy and send me some feedback on what you think. ARTISTIC ANARCHY, the only way to show.

Reno Gazette-Journal SAT, JUN 19, 2010
(Front page bottom center)
From paintings and photography to sculpture and performance art, it's all about artistic freedom. That's what participants are saying about NadaDada, an independent artwork exhibition in downtown Reno this weekend. This year, about 100 artists are expected to exhibit their art for locals and visitors. (see next page)

NadaDada showcases thriving art scene in Renoby Victor Calderon

Anything goes this weekend at the NadaDada independent artwork exhibition in downtown Reno, from a female performance artist in a bathtub representing wildlife impacted by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to a sculpture made out of bacon.

NadaDada, now in its fourth year, has grown considerably. This year, about 100 artists, both locals and visitors, are expected to exhibit their art. The exhibit took place at the El Cortez for three years. But now it's expanded to nearly a dozen downtown Reno venues, mostly along Arlington Avenue.

From paintings and photography to sculpture and performance art, it's all about artistic freedom at NadaDada participants say.

"There are no rules," said Becca Johnston, an artist based in Redding, Calif., who has an spray paint art exhibit titled "ART VERT" in a room at the Town House Motor Lodge. "It's artistic anarchy."

The motels that are hosting artwork allow artists to rent rooms where they can display their work.

At Town House, that includes handbags from a Lemmon Valley artist who goes by the name "Firejewel," fantasy art by Reno artist E. John Warner, and a topical exhibit against the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that includes fake fish covered in black paint symbolize oil.

The Article goes on into other artists works, I would get permission from them but I'll get back to that later. ANYWAYS, that's our new claim to fame.
Thanks again to anyone who made it to the show, and to those who will attend those in the future. Emily and I had a lot of fun and can't wait to get to it again... Who knows maybe even one a little closer to home.