Where were they going without ever knowing the way?

This is a topic, I usually don't do this, but I think maybe it'll get the ball rolling?

ok, TRIPS.
any kind, drugs, vehicular, mental, spiritual, metaphorical?
ANYTHING, talk guys, I implore you.

Always PEACE


  1. I went to stay in Amsterdam for 6wks and managed to pick up a Dutch guy who offered to show me around the city. We ended up in the Red Light District where he was kind enough to offer to buy a hooker for a threesome. I politely declined. Turns out he had a girlfriend, too. Turns out men are pigs in every country.

  2. When I smoked some DMT back in the day, jack turned into this crazy ventriloquist dummy. His tongue rolled out of his head like one of the party favor blow things. His skin was a 4th demensional color. Like green, purple and orange all at the same time but with out mixing. One flat color that I will never be able to describe. Mrs. Buttersworth was chillin on the bookshelf taunting me with her sticky buttery goodness & the rabbits on the ceiling were beckoning me. Well they were until the cartoon portal,that formed from one of the posters, opened up and little mythical creatures kept poking their heads out to get a look at me. What a night that was :)

  3. Okay, this exact moment... What is in my head.. Here now, is bunch of scenes... Morning horniness of course.. Red nailed toes and hands cupping things to the number of spices I have in the kitchen...
    Funny how you jump from a thing to another but you are still in the same state of mind... Oh oh there is it again, touching and feeling and then I remember something.. Did I wash the small brush before I ran to bed? "Every woman's a whore. I can't communicate." Maybe your mama will open her legs for you. It's still the same exact moment, okay? I stare at the decor and I am wondering "Why did I get to have this room?" No, no, no. Don't think, just touch yourself damnit. Did I mention that today I am going out with the girls? I only have enough money for a book or two and god, I have to change my bag.. It's full of peanut shells, when will I ever clean my bag? Oooh now I don't want to stop.. NO! Okay it's gone.. One of the reasons I don't ''reach the peak" these days.. I had to rant, I had to let this out and embarrass my head because it won't stop ruining my morning touchy-touchy time...

  4. dude, I smoked salvia and I'm not the same.
    i'm obsessed with it but at the same time I wouldn't recomend it to ANYONE.
    unless youre absolutly fearless.
    Now I have nightmares in the fourth dimension.
    Like a sneak preview into spititual ascention...weather you're ready or not.