Nada Dada 2010: Our Year

"Emily Vaughan and Becca Johnston from Redding, Calif., finish up their artwork Friday in preparation for their "Art Vert" motel gallery as part of NadaDada at the Town House Motor Lodge in downtown Reno." VINCE ALONZO/RGJ

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So, as many of you may, or may not, know every year in the 3rd weekend of June for the last 3 or 4 years Reno flexes it's Acrylics, metals, neon's, markers and any other artistic appendage we can think of. And this year being my second year I decided to ask my better half to do a show with me. The feedback the public gave us was immeasurably amazing, monumental even. We had people who have never desired art a day in their life tell us this made them want to go home and Paint, Build, deconstruct, reconstruct, or just hang anything. This was an easy task to desire considering our theme was ART VERT "Green Art", meaning all the materials were found. Lots of cardboard, wine bottles, even canvas wallpaper. We had a blast and are so pumped that we came home immediately planning new pieces. Any ways here is an article we were in, enjoy and send me some feedback on what you think. ARTISTIC ANARCHY, the only way to show.

Reno Gazette-Journal SAT, JUN 19, 2010
(Front page bottom center)
From paintings and photography to sculpture and performance art, it's all about artistic freedom. That's what participants are saying about NadaDada, an independent artwork exhibition in downtown Reno this weekend. This year, about 100 artists are expected to exhibit their art for locals and visitors. (see next page)

NadaDada showcases thriving art scene in Renoby Victor Calderon

Anything goes this weekend at the NadaDada independent artwork exhibition in downtown Reno, from a female performance artist in a bathtub representing wildlife impacted by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to a sculpture made out of bacon.

NadaDada, now in its fourth year, has grown considerably. This year, about 100 artists, both locals and visitors, are expected to exhibit their art. The exhibit took place at the El Cortez for three years. But now it's expanded to nearly a dozen downtown Reno venues, mostly along Arlington Avenue.

From paintings and photography to sculpture and performance art, it's all about artistic freedom at NadaDada participants say.

"There are no rules," said Becca Johnston, an artist based in Redding, Calif., who has an spray paint art exhibit titled "ART VERT" in a room at the Town House Motor Lodge. "It's artistic anarchy."

The motels that are hosting artwork allow artists to rent rooms where they can display their work.

At Town House, that includes handbags from a Lemmon Valley artist who goes by the name "Firejewel," fantasy art by Reno artist E. John Warner, and a topical exhibit against the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that includes fake fish covered in black paint symbolize oil.

The Article goes on into other artists works, I would get permission from them but I'll get back to that later. ANYWAYS, that's our new claim to fame.
Thanks again to anyone who made it to the show, and to those who will attend those in the future. Emily and I had a lot of fun and can't wait to get to it again... Who knows maybe even one a little closer to home.

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