One of my number one pet peeves, no a way you can just cut me deep. Ignore me when I'm right there. I feel so fucking useless nowadays anyway. I guess I'll go paint, what about you guys? What pisses you off?

by the way, if any one has info on a copyright for business names and license information I would appreciate it.


  1. you might have to go to the courthouse to get a copyright. -Ciana

  2. What pisses me off?
    When I feel underappreciated. I do SO much everyday to show people that I am a good person. I take care of my son as best I can, and I try to kep my body healthy. I always put other people before myself. Thats just how I am... But do people treat me the same back? nope.
    Its like saying "hey, I spent all day planning a nice evening and cooking your fav meal. Oh, you are going to go out with your friends and get drunk instead? okay" fuck you.

    its that kind of shit that pisses me off.
    Treating others the way you want to be treated does NOT mean, you will be treated kindly in return.

  3. when people connect dots out of order and think they see a picture that is not what is actually there. or when people can say the most amazing things, but their actions rarely corrolate

  4. Another thing that pisses me off is ignorance.

    whoever said ignorance is bliss needs to be shot in the face. period.

  5. when i go home and the first thing my mother says is, "have you gained weight?". no mom. i don't weigh any more than the last time you asked.