Silver screen? Or maybe Pewter.

So last night with in all the swimming thoughts in my head, I heard a beat. Shallow and quiet at first, then it grew. As I listened harder into my pillow I heard words. Turn the bass up let the beat drop, these were on a repeat, my mind filled in the rest with statements. Of my freedom to listen to what I will, looping around each other over and over. As the song subsided I kept seeing a title flash on a stack of paper, a screen play? Where as the title will be concealed for the time being I can tell you I have added a new project to my schedule. Time to get to work.


B and E, What is Nada Dada to you?

This is the first of many interviews to come in the future. Our good friend Brain Bird, Videographer extraordinaire, stopped by camera ready to ask us some questions. Just a little insight of how we felt as showing artists in Nada Dada. It's mostly me, but there was one mic that he laid on my collar, you can see the artist hard at her work. Leave your thoughts, whats on your minds??


(click the title to watch the interview and add us on youtube if you haven't already ALWAYS PEACE)