A lesson in Compassion, Understanding, and LOVE

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I am a Christian, (not the best but I still I am) and the one thing my parents taught me above all else was Love Others. The definition of Christian means "Christ Like" there are so few out there that remember who Jesus chose as friends or to minister to; tax men, whores, fishermen, gamblers, lepers, criminals, need I go on? He loved them, all of them. It puts us to shame not only as a religion, a group, a people, but also as human beings that we must mock the dead in order to make a mute point. Yes we are aware that we are viewed as sinners, but I see more love and compassion come from most of the sinners I know than the big hot aired men in congress' news.
So Mr Mike Adams, I'm sorry that at your age and in your place in life you feel you need to publish junk like this to be heard, it did get my attention. I just wanted to let you and everyone else out there know, that I love you, GOD loves you, and he loves me and my partner. When that day of judgment comes, you too will stand before him to answer for you self.
Peace brother,



There is a moment when you realize how to fix a problem (in my case technical issues) and it's just so sweet you have no words.

What about you guys?? Post your memorable or just simple revelations.