A Scanner Darkly: A Story for Our Time.

Just watched a Scanner Darkly, and am in hot pursuit of the literature in which it was based on. I found a free adobe version via google, downloaded it and started reading this morning.
Written in 1977 by Phillip K Dick, set in the near future of 1994 Orange County. Where we are under constant surveillance, and 20% of the population is hooked on Substance D. A mind altering tablet that is extremely addictive, and obviously illegal. An undercover narcotics agent battles the drug in his personal life as well as his professional one. The two constantly merging as his grasp on reality consistency worsens.
Granted I'm not a critic, or literary expert by any means. But I did find a personal connection to the story line as well as some of the characters. It was compelling, engaging, and very complex. I suggest as many of you read this as possible, though it was set in what to us is the past, it is very prophetic in nature and appeals to us all in this day of prescription drugs, immunizations, and recession through governmental control.

link enclosed to the download-able book.

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