A Call For AID

I HAVE A DESPERATE CALLING TO YOU OUT THERE! Feeling a bit mute, and having creative block migraines, please start filling my page with ... ANYTHING, bitching moaning, philosophy, Anything goes right now.

I just got a new scanner and will post all the new work that comes from your posts. Please put me to work, I need a distraction and an awakening.


  1. The lab down here in antarctica has a bunch of dead stuffed penguins on display. It's pretty wierd since theres no tourists here and theres live penguines everywhere...

  2. i was walkin to class monday and stepped on a pen in the hall but i didnt care so i didnt pick it up. i hear out of my perif this girl say " i love how no one has picked up that pen i mean ive watched like 4 people step on it and no is picking it up." without even thinking twice i stopped turned around and said to her in a ditzy voice.." i love how youve like watched four people stepp on that pen and like havent picked it up...i mean ugh!" then in my normal voice i said dont bitch about things you can control since obviously youre the only one who cares about the pen. and i walked away laughing. she was in shock......:) and TKE frat boys are shady date rapists. just so everyone knows.

  3. I am a married bi female. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to run away, change my name, and start over. What would that new live hold?