"bouseki kakou"

Walking through the park i saw a child,
Arms out wide facing the sun.
Letting it's beautiful rays fill and kiss her face.
As i passed, she grabbed her skirt and started a spin...

Slow at first than picking up speed.
The light bouncing off her curls.
Like a tangle of vines in a vineyard:
Full of life and good spirits.

Suddenly she fell.
As she sat there stunned and dizzy her mother raced over to hold her.
I took a second glance and saw it was me holding you.
So small, fragile, and lost
Wiping your tears away surrounding you with assurance in my arms
"Don't worry" I said " I've got you, it's ok" dusting you off as i stand
You only smile and start to spin again,
To disappear only to leave the little girl in your cloud of dust...

The girl spinning, spinning, spinning again.
As if nothing had happened
Dirt flying off her dress as she goes
Only to fall again...

Only this time, no mother
Frightened, lost, and alone she holds her knees to her chest and cries.
I walk over and knelt down to help her...

She looks up
And our eyes meet
It was me...

b 3-27-09

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